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Synthesis and prediction of the biological activity of heterocyclic n-derivatives naphthoquinone

The most urgent task of organic and pharmaceutical chemistry today is the search for new biologically active compounds, which in future can be used as promising substances for the development of new low-toxic, high-performance medicinal products. To this end, heterocyclic N-derivatives of 1,4-dichloroanotoquinone were synthesized and their drug-like characteristics were determined.

Синтез карбоксиалкілових естерів ароматичних тіосульфокислот та прогнозування їх біологічної активності на основі віртуального скринінгу і drug-like характеристик

A number of carboxyalkyl thiosulfosters were synthesized by the alkylation of sodium and potassium salts of aromatic thiosulfonic acid with cyclic esters of carboxylic acids and their drug-like parameters were calculated. Prediction of the biological activity of synthesized thiosulfoesters was realized by means of the PASS computer program. Синтезовано ряд карбоксиалкілових тіосульфоестерів алкілуванням натрієвих і калієвих солей ароматичних тіосульфокислот і визначено їх лікоподібні (“drug-like”) характеристики.