Passivity analysis of multiple time-varying time delayed complex variable neural networks in finite-time

In this article, we investigate the problem of finite-time passivity for the complex-valued neural networks (CVNNs) with multiple time-varying delays.  To begin, many definitions relevant to the finite-time passivity of CVNNs are provided; then the suitable control inputs are designed to guarantee the class of CVNNs are finite-time passive.  In the meantime, some sufficient conditions of linear matrix inequalities (LMIs) are derived by using inequalities techniques and Lyapunov stability theory.  Finally, a numerical example is presented to illustrate the usefulness of the theoretical resul

Ukrainian construction with verbal forms in -no, -to against the background of the neighboring Slavic languages

The article deals with the appearance of impersonal constructions with verbal forms in -no-to and the comparison of their usage in the four Slavic languages: Polish, Czech, Russian and Ukrainian.