Photo Reportage in the Genre of Modern Photojournalism

This article is about that in modern conditions in system of genres of journalism which is used to represent something characteristics and definitions of certain genres become too blurred and not clear. Theorists and practitioners of photojournalism give their, sometimes not justified, definitions to genres which much more disorients people, who are trying to master the theory of photojournalism. The author pays attention to that in publications about essence and purpose of genres some genres, even photo reportage, are interpreted in different ways.

Phenomena of photography in the context of the methodology of poststructuralism

The article is devoted to the philosophical analysis of important aspects of man’s being, connected with spreading of photography in the modern society. In the investigation of this subject, authors examine the usage of the Poststructuralist Methodology. The objective of the article is to define the poststructuralist methodological concepts spread in the humanitarian studies. The authors focus on several principles of poststructuralist methodology, especially on the principle of structure, the principle of differences, deconstruction, and transgression.