poly(1, 3-dioxolane)

Activation and Characterization of Algerian Kaolinite, New and Green Catalyst for Synthesis of Polystyrene and Poly(1,3-dioxolane)

In the present work we have explored a new catalyst prepared with Algerian clay and a new method to synthesise polystyrene and poly(1,3-dioxolane). This technique consists of using Algerian modified clay (Kaolinite-H+) as a green catalyst. Kaolinite-H+ is a proton exchanged clay which is prepared through a simple exchange process. Synthesis experiments are performed in bulk. The polymerization of styrene in bulk leads to the yield of 83 % at room temperature with the reaction time of 3 h. Molecular weight of the obtained polystyrene is calculated by 1H NMR and is about 2196 g/mol.