positive law

Correlation justifications of church and canon law

The Ukrainian Church (especially the ancient rural one) is a reliable source of natural-supernatural canonicity, truth, justice and a special national worldview. For centuries, the Church has realized the spiritual unity of the Ukrainian race, our fateful nation, because it has deeply absorbed the laws of nature, absorbed their wisdom, and helped regulate the actions of the universe. The church is the spiritual security of the state. After all, there are no contradictions, contradictions, inconsistencies, gaps, etc.

The concept and content of the natural boundaries of positive law

The article examines the concept and content of the natural limits of positive law. It is emphasized that society uses natural norms that are evolutionarily created. The state in rule-making may take them into account or not, although they are attributes of positive law, determine the upper and lower limits of existence and action. Failure to take into account social and legal norms in lawmaking leads to the destruction of the natural boundaries of positive law, the leveling of the value properties of law, which is formed by the state.

Concept of human rights in the philosophy and legal discussion of antitetic positions

Theoretical understanding and philosophical comprehension of all legal phenomena
began with the traditional division of the right to positive and natural, so they are considered
as certain antipodes in the general consciousness, which, however, are the most practical and
significant types of legal thinking. We managed to trace the fact that it was the intensive
development of humanistic ideas in the context of new political and economic trends that led to
the emergence of the doctrine of “natural human rights”. Increasingly, among the general

Biblical norms in civil law of Ukraine

The article highlights the importance of religious and legal norms in socially accepted regulation of social relations. It justifies features of the modern legal system development in the context of practical significance of its christian norms. The articles studies the influence of biblical norms on the formation of domestic private legal rules and analyzes their role in the formation of civil society and law-bound state.

Phenomenological content features folk law

The article covers phenomenological content of folk law’s functions. Folk-legal norms represent that part of folk law’s regulating functions, that represent not only power lever of regulation of society’s life, but also factors that have universal values and based on morallylegal area of folklore and nation ’s customs. In order to recognize legal behaviour of population of particular territorial unit or ethnic group of multinational region or even some small nation, it is necessary to investigate another sources of local folklore.