Correlation justifications of church and canon law

: 22-31

Slyvka S. "Correlation justifications of church and canon law"

Lviv Polytechnic National University, Institute of Jurisprudence and Psychology

The Ukrainian Church (especially the ancient rural one) is a reliable source of natural-supernatural canonicity, truth, justice and a special national worldview. For centuries, the Church has realized the spiritual unity of the Ukrainian race, our fateful nation, because it has deeply absorbed the laws of nature, absorbed their wisdom, and helped regulate the actions of the universe. The church is the spiritual security of the state. After all, there are no contradictions, contradictions, inconsistencies, gaps, etc. in the laws of nature, and the canonical law based on these norms is a harmonious dogma for the body, soul and spirit for the Church. Any right, except the supernatural (it is supersensible, abstract, not tested by experience), is necessarily a work of man: apostles, holy fathers, bishops, monks. Different dogmatic versions, connotations of ecclesiastical law confirm the diverse approaches to the formation of the relevant definition. Each author's definition is a kind of spiritual step, a ladder set by God, which we will try to ascend to heaven. Church law helps to rise through the ranks as a growth in faith, but does not protect against temptation. This protective function is performed by canon law, which is methodological for ecclesiastical law. That is, canon law indicates the spiritual, transcendental direction of development of ecclesiastical law.

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