Strategy for the development of environmental investments in Ukraine

The article clarifies the essence of the concept of “strategy”, namely: strategy is a sequence of actions and decisions taken by the organizer of the process, which lead to the development of a specific strategy (for example, development) designed to help achieve its goals and mission.

Investigation of the asymmetry of the Earth's gravitational field using the representation of potentials of disks

The paper considers representations of the Earth external gravitational field, supplementing its traditional approximation by series in spherical functions. The necessity for additional means of describing the external potential is dictated by the need to study and use it at points in space close to the Earth's surface. It is in such areas that the need arises to investigate the convergence of series with respect to spherical functions and to adequately determine the value of the potential.


Purpose – The purpose of this study is to develop a strategy for improving the innovation of domestic industrial enterprises in modern conditions. The basis for solving this problem is a deep retrospective analysis of innovation in Ukraine in terms of investment sources and areas of expenditure on innovation of industrial enterprises.

Modernization of the food industry in the context of sustainable development of Ukraine: public-management aspect


Problem setting. The food industry of Ukraine holds a unique position among other industries, as it is one of the backbone elements of the national economy, is in the top five industries in terms of filling the state budget, ranks second in terms of production in the structure of industrial production in Ukraine, providing one of the highest growth rates of production volumes among other sectors of the economy.

The methodology of approximate construction of the three-dimensional mass distribution function and its gradient for the ellipsoidal planet subsidies

Purpose. To create an algorithm for constructing a three-dimensional masses distribution function of the planet and its derivatives taking into account the Stokes constants of arbitrary orders. Being based on this method, the task is to perform the research on the internal structure of the Earth. Methodology. The derivatives of the inhomogeneous mass distribution are presented by linear combinations of biorthogonal polynomials which coefficients are obtained from the system of equations.

Method for approximate construction of three-dimensional mass distribution function and gradient of an elipsoidal planet based on external gravitational field parameters

Purpose. To investigate the technique for constructing a three-dimensional distribution function for the masses of the interior of the Earth and its derivatives, coordinated with the parameters of the planet's gravitational field to fourth order inclusive. By using the mass distribution function constructed, to make an interpretation of the features of the internal structure of an ellipsoidal planet. Methodology. Based on the created initial approximation of the function, which includes a reference density model, further refinements are built.

The Essence and Methodical Approaches to the Evaluation of the Tourist Potential of the Territory

The contemporary content is disclosed and the possibility of using the term “tourist potential of the territory” is explained. My position on the content of the concept “tourist potential of the territory” is formulated. The complex approach to estimation of tourist potential of a locality with consideration of its components and indicators is offered

One option of constructing three-dimensional distribution of the mass and its derivatives for a spherical planet Earth

Purpose. To build a three-dimensional function of the mass distribution of the Earth's interior according to the parameters (Stokes constant to the second order inclusive) of the external gravitational field of the Earth without considering the minimum deviation from its known density models in geophysics. Methodology. The classic methods of constructing mass distribution use only the Stoke’s constants zero and second orders.

Development of industrial enterprises by streamlining their staff

The article highlights the importance of modernization of enterprises in the conditions of  rapid scientific and technological progress and fierce competition in the domestic and foreign markets. It is shown that only entrepreneurs can effectively function that modernizes its material base, especially technological equipment. It impossible to apply the latest technology using the old and worn-out equipment.