power supply

Multi-channel switching magamp power converter for radio recieving devices

Development of high-quality energy supply of radio receiving devices is an urgent task. The article discusses the methods of designing high-frequency multi-channel power converters based on high-frequency magnetic amplifiers, the magnetic cores of which are made of an amorphous alloy with a rectangular hysteresis loop. Their significant advantages when powering radio receiving devices are the high quality of the output voltages and the low level of electromagnetic interference, both radiated and conductive.

Enhancing Safety and Reliability of Electric Power Supply to Consumers through Safe Electricity Networks of up to 1 kV

The study presents an electric network that allows both increasing the level of electrical safety and eliminating one-phase damage to the electrical network without switching off the consumer's electric energy. The application of the network does not require significant investments. The technical feasibility of implementing an electrical installation with voltage values in the emergency mode on the leading parts, which does not exceed the permissible values for normal mode, is demonstrated.

Functional Performance of the Main Lighting System of Motor Vehicles

Visual perception plays a crucial role in the safety of road users. However, certain conditions such as twilight, the impact of bad weather, dirty windshields, etc. have a negative impact, which in turn increase the likelihood of traffic accidents (TAs) [1]. The ever increasing number of vehicles on the road is an additional potential danger. In response to these factors work is constantly being done to modernize existing and develop new lighting devices.

Reduction of phase interactions in control processes of “arc steel-making furnace – power supply system” complex electrical technological system

The article offers system engineering solutions for enhancing the single-phase autonomy of the processes of controlling the coordinates of electrical mode (EM) in an electrical mechanical sub-system of moving the electrodes of  an electric arc steel-making furnace by including a cross-link compensator into its structure.