power supply system

Parallel Operation of Transformers Within the Power Supply System of a Mine

Connecting transformers in parallel requires a few of important requirements. During operation of the industrial supply power systems, there are sometimes situations when it becomes desirable to operate of parallel transformers, the characteristics of which do not quite correspond to such a procedure. When transformers are connected in parallel, any difference between their parameters causes the load to be redistributed between them compared to the previous operating mode they had been operating in isolation.

Concerns of Operating Compensation Devices in Mine Electric Grids

Reactive power compensation equipment in industrial electric power supply systems generally operates in environment of significant harmonic distortion currents, which are caused by presence of nonlinear loads. A common practice in such cases is the use of compensation schemes, which consist of a combination of filters and capacitor banks. The paper presents study of operation conditions such compensation scheme in the power grid supplying coal mine.

Influence of Parameters of Induction Motor-Centrifugal Pump Units with Hydropaths Connected in Series on their Modes

Using the mathematical model of the pump station power supply system in steady-state modes developed by the author, the influence of the parameters of induction motor-centrifugal pump units with in-series-connected hydropaths of the pumps on their steady-state modes was studied. A comparison was drawn on the operation of a number of coupled units with different pump ratings. It was revealed that the difference in rated flow of the operating fluid in centrifugal pumps results in the fact that only the unit with the lowest operating fluid rated flow works effectively.