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Mediation as an alternative way of resolving family disputes

The article examines and analyzes family conflicts and the importance of mediation as an alternative way to resolve them. The nature of family conflicts, the peculiarities of family relations and the importance of a constructive resolution of this type of conflict are considered. It was determined that family mediation allows to take into account the high emotionality of family conflicts and is therefore very effective in confusing life situations.

Reformation of canon law during the european middle ages (xi-xiii centuries): historical and legal analysis

The article highlights the historical and legal aspects of the formation and reformation of church and canon law in Europe in the 11th-13th centuries. It is emphasized that medieval church and canon law remains not only the main source of religious law, but also a key element of modern secular legal systems, and the conceptual ideas and conclusions of medieval canonists remain embodied in the tradition of common law in the English-speaking world and the legal heritage of the countries of continental Europe.