Optimization of plasma welding parameters of embedded elements of press form

Molds for casting plastics can have complicated developed geometry, which greatly complicates the fabrication of their working area. The optimum solution, in this case, is their manufacture from individual elements using welding technologies, which, in addition to the complex of physical and mechanical properties of the product, also provide strict requirements for the geometry of the product. Such requirements corresponds to plasma welding.

Використання залишкової базової оливи як основи мастильних рідин

Petroleum oils are the basis for the production of individual group of lubricating liquids used for mold lubrication while glass wares production. It was established that residual basic oil produced at JSC “Ukrtatnafta” has better lubricating properties and thermal stability compared with MS-20 and I-40 commercial oils. Therefore it is recommended to use it during lubricating liquids production.