Purpose – It consists in generalizing the system of financial monitoring of working capital, aimed at improving the efficiency of its use in industrial enterprises of Ukraine (on the example of PJSC Ukrnafta) and developing methodological approaches to forming a working capital management system in a market economy, the implementation of which will help ensure the competitiveness of economic entities.

Remarks Concerning Methodology Improvementfor Integral Assessmentofa Company’s Investment Attractiveness

The article deals with the issues of the estimation company’s investment attractiveness. The features of the integral index formation of investment attractiveness are studied. Critical assessment of the meaningful content of a group of indicators that form an integral indicator of investment attractiveness has been made. An improved set of indicators was proposed by the authors in order to modernize the existing mechanism of integrated assessment, approved by the Agency for the Prevention of Bankruptcy of Enterprises and Organizations.

Directions and possibilities of small enterprises’ profitability growth in the field of domestic store sales of building materials

The article investigates the ways of profitability growth of small enterprises, specialized in store sales of building materials. Among possible options, there are highlighted those, that can provide higher income and development for analyzed type of enterprises and also maintain their competitiveness in the market. In this article are formed list of measures, that will improve profitability of members of the building materials market, especially of small enterprises of store sales.

Determining the level of efficiency of marketing activity in the short run

The article determines processes of the effectiveness of marketing activities, identifies the main factors that influence their levels. It is proposed to measure the effectiveness of marketing through scores. It is proved that marketing activity is characterized not only by theratio of the obtained financial results but also the other factors of internal and external marketing environment that may have an impact on the end result (for example, sales volume, revenue, profitability, etc.). The study suggestes the phasing aplgorithm implementation of evaluation of the effective marketing.