quality of services

Regulatory and legal ensuring the ophthalmic services and assistance provision in Ukraine

The main legislation defining the legal, organizational and socio-economic principles of ensuring the health care of citizens are analyzed, the normative basis for the development of standards and clinical protocols for the treatment of diseases of the organ of vision are considered. The issue of the quality of ophthalmic services was analyzed from the point of view of their compliance with standards, cost efficiency, absence of negative consequences and priority orientation to the needs of the patient.

Assessment of the efficiency of social services management for patients with dementia through mechanisms of public control

Problem setting. Ukraine often avoids considering a wide range of issues about the lives of vulnerable people in today's social and economic context, including the elderly population and people with dementia as well. As a result, the government becomes a monopolist in providing social services for this group and assumes the functions of a customer, service provider and control over its performance simultaneously.