relaxation time


Hidden defects can turn into obvious defects and characteristics of electronic elements become inappropriate. Therefore, the techniques of non-destructive diagnostics of inner structure state are of great importance. One of these techniques is the diagnostics of electronics by their own noise, which advantageously differs by low time consuming and absence of the risk of damage of the element under investigation. Noise measurements are capable to detect the defects in a material with a sensitivity that cannot be reached by other methods.

Electric Conductivity of Polymer Composites at Mechanical Relaxation

Effect of mechanical relaxations on the relaxation phenomena of electrical conducting polymer composites (ECPC) has been investigated. It has been experimentally shown that filler content significantly affects relaxation characteristics of the material. The main reason of these differences is the effect of the filler type on proceeding of relaxation processes. Rubbers with active carbon blacks display the ranges of slow and fast relaxations much more clearly than those with low active carbon black.