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Unconventional shale gas potential of lower visean organic-rich formations in Glynsko-Solohivskyi petroleum region

Exploration of unconventional gas resources in Ukraine is highly relevant and important for achievement energy independence of Ukraine and Europe. Production of current oil & gas fields and alternative energy resources are not able to cover our needs nowadays. Now we can not fully fill these gaps by energy resources. In this article geological environments, age, mineralogy composition and maturity of unconventional shale and carbonate gas reservoirs of Lower Visean in one of the biggest field of Dnipro-Donets Basin (DDB) were studied.

Chemical Leaching of Al3Ni and Al3Ti Alloys at Room Temperature

Al3Ni and Al3Ti alloys were prepared by arc melting and exposed to chemical leaching in 5M NaOH at room temperature. In case of Al3Ni alloy, Al reached phases react with the leaching solution to produce nanoporous nickel with a pore diameter in the range of ~10–20 nm. Only pure Al phase of Al3Ti alloy chemically reacts with the production of a dense wrinkled surface with a wrinkle size of ~50–100 nm.

Starch Type Effect on Organoleptic, Thermogravimetric and X-ray Diffraction Indices of Edible Films and Coatings

The edible films from potato starch, chemically modified food starch refined from high amylose corn, carbohydrate polymer from a waxy corn and a special high-temperature dextrin refined from tapioca starch were studied according to organoleptic characteristics. The greatest elongation (108 %) and strength (47.6 MPa) were found to be with a film based on potato starch. The modified starches such as dextrin and tapioca starch retain amorphous of film structure better than others.

Synthesis, Structure and Application of Mixed-Ligand Coordination Compounds of Copper(II) with Substituted Thioamides

New coordination compounds of copper(II) with substituted thioamides of the general formula [Cu(HL6-9)2X2]2 and CuL26-9 have been synthesized. The consecutive reaction of nucleophilic substitution/elimination of SN1/E1 in the octahedral complex [Cu(NH3)4Cl2]•H2O and catalytic hydrolysis of [Cu(HL6-9)2X2]2 complexes have been investigated.

Synthesis, Structure and Properties of Copper(II) Chelates with Benzimidazole-2-N-Arylcarbothioamides

Coordination compounds of general formula CuL have been obtained via complexation of copper(II) acetates and chlorides, as well as precipitated Cu(OH)2 with benzimidazole-2-N-arylcarbothioamides (HLI-IV). Monocrystal of [Cu(C16H14N3S)2]i-C3H7OH complex has been obtained by slow evaporation of CuL chelate saturated solution in isopropyl alcohol. The obtained compounds were investigated by means of elemental, XRD analysis and IR-spectroscopy.