On the activities of lawyers in the field of protection of rights, freedoms of the population of Ukraine

The article describes the regulatory framework on which the activities of the bar are based and analyzes the Law of Ukraine "On the Bar and Advocacy". Attention is focused on the basic principles of this Law, the observance and provision of which has a positive effect on the organization and functioning of the bar as a whole, and on the activities of lawyers, in particular.

Senses, Experience and Metaphysics. Overview of: Papineau, D. (2021). Metaphysics of Sensory Experience. Oxford: Oxford University Press. 163 pp.

         The work of David Papineau, the British scientist and philosopher, professor of the King’s College of London and the University of New York, former teacher of the University of Cambridge, is considered. The author analyzes the theories of sensory perception and experience, explains the advantages and disadvantages of each of them, in particular the theory of naive realism and representationalism.

Legal regulation of attorney's participation in the civil process of Ukraine

The legislation governing the participation of a lawyer in the civil process of Ukraine has been analyzed. The activity of lawyers as a legal institute, which stands for the protection of citizens' rights and reflects the state and level of democracy in the country, is elaborated. Considering how stable it is, has a clear organization, is governed by the laws and is protected depends largely on the confidence of each member of society in their well-being and in the success of their business activities.

Representation of Reality: Neuroscience and Patricia Churchland's Conception (Review Article)

In this article, the author considers the relation of a neurophilosophy and neuroscience. Neurophilosophy suggests a new interpretation of consciousness and representation of reality. Patricia Churchland, the founder of Neurophilosophy, says that representation of reality is the main philosophical and scientific problem. She criticizes “folk intuition” about the mind or consciousness. The hypothesis of neurophilosophy is an explanation of consciousness as a level of brain activity. Neurophilosophy uses neuroscience for interpretation of representation of reality.