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Features of leadthrough of medico-legal examination are from determination of degree of weight of bodily harms

It is considered concept and maintenance of medico-legal examination. Medico-legal
examination is described from establishment of degree of weight of bodily harms. Certainly
methods which are used at certain degree of weight of bodily harms.Outlined factors which
predetermine the errors of medico-legal examinations and methods of their exposure


Information  about  the psychophysiological  state of humans  is  important not only  in medical practice  for  the diagnosis  of  possible  diseases  but  is  also  for  affective  informatics,  biometrics,  rehabilitation  engineering,  human-machine interaction, etc. Currently biosignals measurement  instrumentations  are highly  specialized  and designed  to process  the  separate types of biosignals  (ECG, EEG), or  to perform  the  specific  tasks,  for  example, medical diagnosis or biometry.

The history of glass under the microscope: from what angles it is worth exploring tutorials

The history of glass is multifaceted and full of mysteries. It is impossible, however, to study glass-making in all its complexity of manifestations by using only historical methods. By the example of Hutta production in the late XV — the 1st half of the XIX centuries the article shows the necessity to use a multidisciplinary approach in order to provide a maximum detailed research of the history of glass.