Synthesis of peroxy oligomers on the basis of epoxy compounds in presence of tert-butylperoxymethanol

We have studied the possibility of peroxy oligomers synthesis by chemical modification of epoxy resins with tert-butylperoxymethanol or diepoxy compounds telomerization with glycols in the presence of trifluorine boron using tert-butylperoxymethanol as telogen. The reaction conditions have been determined and synthesis procedures have been developed. The structures of synthesized products were proved by chemical, IR- and PMR-spectroscopic investigations.

Polyesters on the basis of petroleum resin and polyethylene glycols

New polyesters have been obtained on the basis of C9 petroleum resin with carboxyl groups and polyethylene glycols. The average molecular mass of the petroleum resin is 1050, its functionality = 1.74. Optimal for the polyesters synthesis is the equimolar ratio between the initial compounds. The reaction is performed in the melt in the presence of p-toluenosulphuric acid as the catalyst. In the optimal temperature range 150 - 190oC the yield of the process ranges from 91 to 94 % depending on the conditions.

Synthesis of peroxy oligomers using 1,2-epoxy-3-tert-butyl peroxypropane

The possibility of peroxy oligomer synthesis has been studied by three methods: telomerization of diepoxy derivatives of ethylene glycol or Bisphenol A using 1,2-epoxy-3-tert-butyl peroxypropane as telogen, modification of phenol-formaldehyde resins by 1,2-epoxy-3-tert-butyl peroxypropane and polycondensation of phenol containing –O–O– bonds with formaldehyde. The peroxy oligomers obtaining conditions have been established and 7 new oligomers with peroxy groups have been synthesized. The structures of synthesized oligomers have been verified by chemical and spectral methods.