A significant increase in the number of smart devices with Wi-Fi modules and the forecast growth of data
consumption in the coming years requires the development of new methods of designing Wi-Fi networks to
improve the quality of experience for end-users. In this regard, the paper improved the conceptual model of
software-defined Wi-Fi network, which, in contrast to the known, is based on centralized control of the
selection process of access point service by using SDN controller and by monitoring the state of the network in

Метод управління якістю сприйняття послуг для програмно-конфігурованих мереж заснованих на намірах

The article is devoted to the development of a perception quality management method in softwaredefined
networking using IBN ideology. The so-called IBN (Intent-based networking) is based on the
well-known SDN (Software-Defined Network) and represents one of the most important new features of
network infrastructure. IBN offers network administrators a simple way to express business goals, such
as providing the necessary QoE, by allowing network software to automatically achieve these QoE goals.

Providing cyber resilience in software-defined networks by secure routing means

This paper is devoted to solving the technical task of providing cyber resilience utilizing secure routing means in Software-Defined Networks (SDN). The work analyzes the SDN architecture and
its main components, the concept of cyber resilience and its means, as well as security issues in SDN. Particular attention is paid to the use of secure routing in software-defined networks.
Numerical research of the model of secure multipath routing of fragmented confidential messages in the SDN data plane was conducted. The calculation of the message compromise probability for

Investigation of control plane in software-defined networks based on distributed system of virtualization functions

In this paper are proposed the number of solutions for improvement of control plane in software-defined networks. One of the main problems that arise when designing and implementing new network is the problem of developing efficient and optimal network control system. SDN technology has control plane and data forwarding plane separated from each other.

Method of differentiated multiflow traffic engineering in transport software-defined networks

In this paper is proposed a solution to the problem of low efficiency of bandwidth usage of physical channels. In the beginning adducted a necessity to implement proposed solutions at transport network. The main problem of transport networks is low level of utilization of optical channels resources. As a result it is often very expensive to exploit such a network due to high capital and operational costs. The method of distributed multi-flow traffic engineering in software-defined networks based on means and mechanisms of flow processing by Openflow switches has been developed.