secondary education

Professional secondary education system in Ukraine: legal supply

Problem setting. Nowadays the content of secondary education in Ukraine does not take into account individual characteristics of the students and it is not focused on the formation of creative potential and  system of  knowledge by interests, the educational process is overburdened with secondary factual material and  is overly regulated. It necessitates the search  and implementation of new approaches to organization of  educational process in high school.

Directors of realization of school education

The article analyzes the status of legal regulation of school education and outlines the key directions of reforming general secondary education. It was clarified that the concept of 87 realization of the state policy in the sphere of reforming of general secondary education "New Ukrainian School" for the period up to 2029 envisages the development of a new law "On general secondary education" and an action plan for reforming the system of general secondary education. The necessity of reforming secondary education is dictated by time, new requirements of society.