Blockchain technology has garnered significant attention in recent years due to its ability to revolutionize conventional processes by providing faster, more secure, and cost-effective solutions. This study explores the symbiotic relationship between blockchain and biometrics, investigating how these technologies can mutually reinforce each other. The research makes a dual contribution: firstly, it comprehensively analyses blockchain and biometrics, highlighting their convergence's potential advantages and obstacles.

Управління екологічною безпекою міста

Розглянуто проблеми екологічної безпеки міста як складової безпеки життєдіяльності міста. Проаналізовано причин виникнення небезпек і можливі варіанти їх ліквідації за допомогою управлінських дій. Запропоновано концептуальну схему управління міською екобезпекою і структуру управлінського органу, алгоритм управління екобезпекою.

Aerial vehicles detection system based on analysis of sound signals

The article presents a modern aircraft detection system based on the analysis of sound signals, developed using neural networks and sound analysis algorithms. During the development of the system, the latest technologies were used, such as acoustic sensors, single-board microcomputers and external devices for processing and storing information received from the environment, which ensures fast and accurate detection of aircraft in the air.

On international environmental security: modern dimensions and principles of implementation

The article describes the current problems of international environmental security in the context of the systematic manifestation of the principles of its implementation, which justifies the need to consolidate the efforts of interstate environmental measures on the basis of sustainable and balanced development. The article examines prerequisites for the formation of the global environmental safety as an integral part of international relations and politics against the background of the long-term ecological crisis.

An assessment of the effect of touting on Nigerian seaport operations: a case study of Apapa port

In Nigeria, touting has been a challenge in the port, as it causes loss and diversion of cargo. Therefore, this study examined the effect of touting on the operational performance of the Apapa port. Specifically, a self-administered questionnaire was distributed to determine the extent of the touting on service delivery, security measures on operational quality dependability, pilfering on operations output safety, touting influencing elements on operational reliability, and touting activities on overall performance.


This paper investigates the vulnerability of data transmission protocols used in smart home control systems, focusing on analyzing the communication protocols used in these systems. The spread of interconnected devices and the Internet of Things (IoT) has led to growing concerns about data privacy, unauthorized access, and potential cyberattacks. An in-depth analysis of various communication protocols used in the smart home environment was conducted, which allowed us to identify their advantages and disadvantages from a security perspective.

Financial security as an object of financial criminal offenses

The article considers financial security as an object of financial criminal offenses based on a comprehensive systemic analysis in the context of economic reform. Evolutionary, formal-legal and comparative-legal methods of research of criminal-legal phenomena are used in the research. Measures of criminal legal protection of the country's financial system are currently not effective, they do not take into account the changes that are taking place in the field of financial activity of the state, which leads to a change in the object of financial criminal offenses.


The article focuses on strengthening the military potential of the Bucharest Nine (B9) states in the context of the russia's war in Ukraine. The authors clarify the reasons and goals of the consolidation of the countries of Central and Eastern Europe for cooperation within the framework of the Bucharest format. Prerequisites for changes in defense spending within NATO are described, namely, the russian-Ukrainian war. The reaction of the North Atlantic Alliance to Russia's armed attack on Ukraine is studied, in particular after the full-scale russian invasion.

Legal provisions regarding involvement in private life in criminal procedural law

The Criminal Procedure Code of Ukraine distinguishes between investigative (investigative) and covert investigative (investigative) actions. It is to covert investigative actions - interference in private communication. Communication is the transmission of information in any form from one person to another directly or through any means of communication. The article is devoted to the problem of defining the concept, content and extent of interference in private life in criminal procedure law.