shadow economy

Offshore Jurisdictions as a Tool of Minimization of Tax Burden

The importance of offshore jurisdictions as a tool to minimize the tax burden is researched in the article. The main reasons for the emergence and development of offshore zones, which include money laundering, reducing tax pressure, protection and increase of assets, optimization of transac- tion costs, lack of bureaucracy and over-regulation, risk management are analyzed.


A large number of possible negative consequences characterizes the shadow economy, namely: the economic crisis, the collapse, the growth of economic crimes, the destruction of business relations, the decline in production etc. All these effects stop and worsen the economic development of the country. The article aimed to evaluate the state and features of the shadow economy in Ukraine, to identify еру factors that affect its value and exploring possible actions to improve the current situation. In the article, authors reveal the concept of "shadow economy" and "shadowing".

Prerequisites of reference of counteraction of economy to tenization to subject to administrative and legal regulation (conceptual measurement)

In the article an analysis of the prerequisites for the counteraction of the shadow economy to the object of administrative and legal regulation based on the conceptual approaches of the relation of law and economy is conducted. It is emphasized on the special role of administrative-legal regulation of economic relations. Separately highlighted the main directions of content of administrative and legal counteraction to the shadowing of the economy.

Exchange Rate of Ukrainian Currency – Trends and Potential Changes

The article is devoted to topical issues of increasing hryvnia exchange rate potential. There is presented a description of the main factors causing decrease of the exchange rate, namely: the negative balance of payments, galloping inflation, situational decline in demand for Ukrainian exports and large amounts of currency outflow due to shadow economy agents. Ways of reducing the shadow economy in Ukraine are proposed.