The influence of the gypsum brand on the composite binder properties and the stone characteristics.

One of the actual problems of the further sustainable development of construction industry is solution of energy and resource saving problems during production and reduction of harmful emissions. Building materials based on gypsum raw compared to cement materials of analogical purpose are characterized by low energy consumption, as well as better ecological indicators. However, gypsum materials without modifying additives have low strength and water resistance which limits their application to the area of internal processing of rooms with a relative humidity of up to 60 %.

Дослідження будівельних розчинів з добавкою цеолітів

The paper investigates the impact of natural zeolite and air-entraining agent on the properties of mortar mixtures and hardened mortars of different functional application. It is shown that the introduction of natural zeolite slightly increase water demand of mortar mixtures and reduced segregation. Optimization of mortar mixture with the addition of zeolite and air-entraining agent was carried out. Graphical interpretation of obtained results reveals that the highest strength parameters show mortar containing 8 wt.% of zeolite and 0,1 wt.% of air-entraining agent.