Correlation justifications of church and canon law

The Ukrainian Church (especially the ancient rural one) is a reliable source of natural-supernatural canonicity, truth, justice and a special national worldview. For centuries, the Church has realized the spiritual unity of the Ukrainian race, our fateful nation, because it has deeply absorbed the laws of nature, absorbed their wisdom, and helped regulate the actions of the universe. The church is the spiritual security of the state. After all, there are no contradictions, contradictions, inconsistencies, gaps, etc.

Faustus in English Literature: Myth or Symbol?

The article deals with the correlation between the notions of symbol and myth. The main attention is paid to the interpretation of symbol and myth by various philisophers and linguists, which allows to reveal substantial features of these terms. The explications and implications of Faustus as a myth and symbol in the source text by Ch. Marlowe and in other works of English Faustiana have been revealed. The interrelation of the terms “symbol” and “myth” in the English literature works of the late 16th – early 21st centuries has been discovered.