система моніторингу

Information System of Accounting for Methodical Work of the Department

An Information system for the analyzing the methodical work of higher educational institution department has been developed. It is established that the methodical work of the department is of great importance in ensuring the quality of educational activities of higher educational institutions, which provides in particular the availability educational and methodological support of the educational process and information systems for effective management.

Особливості побудови програмного забезпечення системи моніторингу навколишнього середовища

Developed algorithms and software modules analyzing system involving two modes of operation (training or monitoring), two types of monitoring (search for a given substance or recognition known), the use of which depends on the intensity and destabilizing factors control the duration requirements.

Research of the Efficiency of the Cdn Network

The network architecture of the content delivery network (CDN) and methods of the load balancing were examined in this paper. We have described the algorithm of end users’ request routing which allows selecting the optimum edge server to receive a content with maximum quality. The use of network system monitoring was offered. This system allows to efficiently assess the status of the network and promptly report possible problems. It was defined which parameters are needed to be monitored.

Organizational and technological features to monitor land at the regional level

The project of creation of technological-organizational schemе of monitoring of land state is presented in work. The spatial schemе of organization of monitoring of land state|figure,camp,mill| is developed at regional level. The example of zoning of territory of region based on data of monitoring of land state is presented.