size effects

Stress-deformed state and strength of a locally heterogeneous electrically conductive layer

The key system of equations of the solid body model is presented, taking into account the structural heterogeneity of the material and the roughness of the real surface, which is applied to the study of interconnected fields in an unbounded heterogeneous conductive layer.  The effect of taking into account the dependences on the density of local Young's modulus and Poisson's ratio on the size effects of surface stresses in the layer and its strength limit is considered.

To modeling admixtures influence on the size effects in a thin film

There are formulated the key systems of equation describing  structurally nonhomogeneous two-component solid solutions.  As the key functions there are chosen the stress tensor (displacement vector) and the densities of admixture and skeleton.  On this basis the near-surface nonhomogeneity densities of skeleton and admixture, stresses and  size effects of surface tension and intensity of the power load causing the thin film fracture are studied.  The attention is paid to the admixture influence on size effects.

Wave processes in the locally nonhomogeneous solids

There is proposed a method of studying wave processes in locally nonhomogeneous solids with account for geometrically non-uniform surface. The method is based on the equation system of the locally nonhomogeneous elastic solid model obtained within the local gradient approach and the use of averaging operation to separate oscillatory and slowly variable over period of oscillation components of displacement and density fields.