social significance

Relevance of scientific substantiation of public administration activities in conditions of war

Problem setting. The conditions of a full-scale war on the part of the Russian Federation and the need for the further democratic development of Ukrainian society determine the  preservation of the  achieved level of democratic  activity in the public administration sphere. At the same time, there is a threat of curtailment of democratic reforms, social transparency, etc.

The problem of definition of “legal values“ in modern scientific discourse

In the article it is found out that legal values are a determining element of legal influence on the society, which have a significant influence on the mechanism of legal regulation. It is determined that the legal values are, first of all, interrelated with the principles of law, justice, law-making and legal implementation; secondly, they are real socio-legal phenomena, remedies and mechanisms. Legal values have a hierarchical structure and their system is based on a specific set of interests that underpins human needs.