social system

Conflict resolution as a basis for democratization of social consciousness and increase of effectiveness of public administration

The approaches to understanding conflicts and their significance for social vital activity as well as for functioning of political and state administrative systems are examined. The influence of solving conflicts on the humanistic basis of compromise on social consciousness and the process of its humanization is analysed. On the example of resolving the existing conflict between branches of government in Ukraine, the constructive negotiation between political opponents is demonstrated.

The legal interpretation of a regional access in formation of the territorial mechanism of Ukraine

Іn the article in legal aspect considered regional approach of reforming of the territorial mechanism of Ukraine, as one of the possible options for improvement. Highlighted understanding such multifold category as region. With a glance to historical experience, modern political realities and future prospects, tend was valid for the optimizing of the territorial mechanism of Ukraine, including the feasibility of consolidation of administrative units by the formation of prorated regions.