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Priority influence of socio-cultural factors on development of public governance

Problem setting. Public administration in Ukraine is an integral part of social system, but it needs to be modernized efficiently. This implies the need for a deep understanding of the current situation and a thorough analysis of the main factors of this development, especially socio-cultural ones.

Legal consciousness and the state of crime. public administration and protection of citizens

Problem setting. In democracies, the inherent right of citizens is the right to be informed about the policy pursued by the state, including not only the publicity and openness of government, but also the right to communicate public opinion on socially important issues to the government.

Social capital as an important factor of economic development of Ukraine and its regions

The methodical approach to assess the accumulation of social capital on the basis of its three components is proposed: 1) resource component (human capital); 2) environmental component (social, psychological and institutional environment); 3) effectiveness component (the level of welfare). This methodical approach allows to investigate not only its resource component, but also the ability to correct and effective usage of available resources, taking into account the positive effects of synergy and complementarity.

The increasing of HR effectiveness on the basis of the Social Capital development

The article considers increasing the HR management efficiency by way of developing the social capital. The economic category of «a social capital» is analyzed. Peculiarities of the socio-economic factors of forming the social capital in current conditions are determined. The article also presents the general issues for future research in the field of human development.