spatial data

Theoretical and methodological foundations of web mapping of post-military facilities

Purpose of the research objective is to develop and substantiate the theoretical and methodological foundations of web mapping of post-military facilities, taking into account the most effective approaches and techniques for collecting, analyzing, processing, and visualizing spatial data. The methodology includes using modern technologies to create accurate and informative interactive maps that provide not only the physical location of the objects but also detailed information, including textual, illustrative materials, graphical data, and 3D models. Results.

Gis technologies and 3-d simulation in mapping manifestation of exogenic processes in renewable territories

The development of exogenous processes on the Earth's surface is a large-scale problem. Due to the development of exogenous processes there are changes in the composition and structure of the earth's crust and its surface. The destruction of streets, houses and public buildings, roads and railways leads to enormous losses. To predict the development of soil degradation, erosion processes on agricultural lands, which lose annual production areas, leads to the formation of a ravine-beam system and reduces the productive amount of land owned by citizens – is a solution.