Theoretical and methodological foundations of web mapping of post-military facilities

Lviv Polytechnic National University
Institute of History of Ukraine NASU, Lviv Polytechnic National University; State Research and Production Enterprise "Kartografiya"

Purpose of the research objective is to develop and substantiate the theoretical and methodological foundations of web mapping of post-military facilities, taking into account the most effective approaches and techniques for collecting, analyzing, processing, and visualizing spatial data. The methodology includes using modern technologies to create accurate and informative interactive maps that provide not only the physical location of the objects but also detailed information, including textual, illustrative materials, graphical data, and 3D models. Results. Based on a comprehensive approach to researching, documenting, and presenting post-military facilities, the article elaborates the theoretical and methodological foundations of their web mapping. The relevance of using innovative digital technologies for creating interactive maps is discussed. The research methodology based on the collection, analysis and visualization of spatial data is considered in detail. The main principles and approaches to web mapping are highlighted, including historicity, systemic integrity, reliability, modernity, coherence, informativeness, presentability, accessibility, technological sophistication, variability of geographic bases, and partnership for effective project implementation. A technological scheme of web mapping is proposed, covering the stages of data collection, processing, and actual web mapping, ensuring a multidisciplinary and integrative approach to solving the set task. Designing and implementing web maps considering historical, cultural, technical data, and the current state of post-military facilities requires the interaction of specialists from various fields of knowledge. Scientific novelty and practical significance. The theoretical and methodological principles of interdisciplinary web mapping of post-military objects were developed for the first time. The principles and approaches to it have been defined, a technological scheme for web mapping of post-military objects has been developed. The proposed methodology and technology determine the practical significance of the research. Based on them, interactive maps of post-military facilities of any territory will be used in various fields of activity: education, science, preservation of historical and cultural heritage, tourism, promotion of the region.

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