Structural and word formation peculiarities of modern computer terminology

The article deals with the structural and derivational features of the modern computer terminology. The most productive ways of making computer terminological units are singled out, and specificity of derivative processes of professional vocabulary is described. Certain regularities of creating modern computer terms creating are found out; the trends in further development of studied terminology were detected that helps to identify the ways of normalization of its units.

Suffixation as a productive way for creation of terms of museum

In the article, the word-formative organization of Ukrainian term system of Museum Studies, specifically those formed by means of a suffix is explored. Major tendencies of term-formation suffix means are identified, and the most productive models of suffixation of term system of Museum.

Affixal derivation in terminological system of the constitutional law

In the article the word creative features of Ukrainian terms of constitutional law is explored. The peculiarities of suffixes and prefixes ways of creating the terms of this branch of the law today are analyzed. It was found and analyzed the productivity of derivational models of different ways of creating terms of constitutional law.