suspension system

The influence of degree of loading and load placing on steerability of vehicles

The methodology of research of the influence of the degree of loading, kinematic parameters of movement, and nonlinear power characteristics of elastic elements and shock-absorbers of the suspension system on their steerability on curved sections of the road is developed. The research is based on the equation of kinetostatics of the system of sprung-unsprung part and differential equations that relate the motion of the sprung part of vehicles. Concerning the last, they take into account both loading of a vehicle and nonlinear-elastic characteristics of shock-absorbers.

Analysis of Modern Investigations of Vibratory Processes of Wheeled Vehicles

The history and modern tendencies of development of cushioning systems are analyzed in this paper. The development of mathematical modelling as a process is denoted, the methods and means are described and the necessary information of model choosing is presented. It is focused on the development of simulation modelling. The approaches of researchers, recommendations, indexes and specific features of evaluation of motion evenness are described.