temperature distribution

Mathematical Model of Energy Transformation Processes in Barrel System for Determining Shooting Performance

A phenomenon has been singled out that is present during almost every shot. It manifests itself in a muzzle blast in the form of soot of a certain amount. The Bell-Boudoir thermochemical reaction has been defined, which explains the formation of soot in powder gases during the shot. The conditions making it possible to manifest have been mentioned. A method for solving the problem of internal ballistics has been developed, enabling to determine the temperature of powder gases along the length of the gun barrel at different times and at different positions of the projectile in the barrel.

The tomographic method for measuring 3-D temperature distribution based on measurement of resistance of linear resistive converters

The application of infrared thermography as a method of estimation of heat losses of building structures is becoming more popular within the resolve the issues of power resources economy, determination of energy efficiency and increasing of buildings thermal protection. It should be remembered that the output result of buildings thermal imaging research is thermal temperature distribution of the investigated surface on the thermogram.

Study of methodological and instrumental components of the error on the accuracy of the reconstruction of temperature field on a wall surface

In the paper the reconstruction of temperature distribution based on resistance measurements of linear sensing elements using tomography method are considered. The methodical and instrumental errors of temperature distribution are investigated and analyzed. In particular the first component depends on number of sensors and degree of used approximation of temperature distribution and the second component depends on the level of random and systematic additive and multiplicative components in measurements.