Methods and instruments for measuring temperature distribution

: pp. 34-41
Lviv Politecnic National University
Lviv Politecnic National University

The methods of measuring temperature distribution and their application in different fields are analyzed. Classification of methods is given and a comparative description of advantages and disadvantages is given. It is concluded that the development of methods for measuring temperature distribution is an urgent task of scientific research, which will enable to open new perspectives and expand the scope of application of methods for measuring temperature distribution. Measurement of temperature distribution is an important task in power engineering and energy auditing, engineering, construction, oil and chemical industry, transport, medicine, and others. Measurement of temperature distribution is used at the operation of buildings to detect thermal insulation and other heat losses, detect defects in joints of panels, cracks, deterioration of thermal insulation properties, areas of water infiltration, breakages of reinforcement; in power engineering for thermovision monitoring of power lines, detection of defective contacts of switching device connections; in energy conservation with energy audit, determination of insulation properties of materials, diagnostics of fencing structures, detection of heat losses in indoor and outdoor buildings and constructions; in the chemical industry for monitoring the temperature of the product, inspection of tightness and isolation of containers for storage of various liquids and gases; in aerospace and military technology for targeting systems, warning systems for early launching of missiles, thermal intelligence (detection of live power and technology), aerospace shooting by a thermal imager; in medicine for monitoring inflammatory processes, local tumors, blood circulation disorders, wound healing processes, injuries, etc.
The significance of temperature measurements is also underlined by the fact that in industries with a continuous nature of technological processes, temperature measurement is about 50 % of the total number of all measurements. Thus, the development and creation of new means of measuring temperature distribution is an urgent task. The article deals with the following methods and means of measuring temperature distribution: thermographic, in particular the analysis of thermal imagers, tomographic, acoustic, ultrasound, multizone sensors of temperature, matrix infrared sensors.

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