thermal impact zone

Strengthening and reconstructionof drilling core pipe for engineeringand geological exploration

Currently, there is a tendency to increase the depth of gaseous and liquid fossils extraction. Therefore, prospecting and developing new deposits is promising. There is also a need to create  new  freshwater  sources  and  implement  relevant  geological  work  based  on  this  need.  It  is essential to have information about the characteristics of the explored slabs and the geology of the fields in general. Implementation of engineering and geological core drilling exploration is the most acceptable and provides the necessary data.

Optimization of Welding Modes for High-Strength Low-Alloy Domex 700 Steel

The microstructure and hardness of the weld joints of DOMEX 700 steel were investigated. As a result, the optimization of the parameters of robotic arc welding in the environment of protective gases was carried out taking into account the size of the energy per unit length. The optimum modes of welding were determined. The size of the deterioration area, where there is a decrease in hardness in comparison with the main metal, for a thickness of 6 mm is 2.36 mm, and for a thickness of 3 mm is 1.51 mm.