thermooxidative regeneration

Integrated Regeneration Method for Used Mineral Motor Oils

The scheme of the integrated regeneration method for used mineral motor oils (UMMO) has been developed, according to which M-10DM and NORMAL 15W40 used oils were regenerated. A study on changes in physico-chemical properties, qualitative and elemental composition was carried out, and a mathematical model of the process was built. The further applications of the obtained products were proposed. Based on the obtained results, the technological scheme and flow chart of UMMO integrated regeneration were developed, and the process material balance was calculated.

Thermooxidative Regeneration of Used Mineral Motor Oils

The physico-chemical properties and group composition of the used mineral motor oils M-10DM and NORMAL 15W40, as well as the fractions obtained as a result of their thermooxidative regeneration have been studied. The results of IR-spectroscopic and X-ray fluorescence analysis of used oils and fractions obtained during thermooxidative regeneration are presented. The changes in the composition and properties of regenerated oils are described.