Development and Research of the Automated Methods for Assurance User’s Effective Performance

In the work the automated methods for assurance user’s effective performance are investigated. The structure of the automated system of support of human productivity is developed. For practical implementation, the MEAN technology stack is used, the interaction of its component is described. Automated methods in the form of an application are implemented and its main advantages are determined.

Natural and legal justification of time

The article examines the natural and legal justification of time, as well as the temporal justification of natural law, which is reflected in the author's definitions. It is argued that time contributes to the acquisition of natural and supernatural values, and human problems can be solved by ontologically formed natural law, which governs it. In the religious concept of time, natural law had a sacred character and the understanding of time dictated the formation of natural law.

A Representative Fragment Method of Analyzing Complex Systems of Smart Contracts

The paper presents the use of states of explosionproof method for analyzing the behavior of systems that provide smart contract technology. The selected example system is ShadowEth, whose main task is to ensure sufficient confidentiality of information stored in the Ethereum blockchain currency. The Petri network model for the ShadowEth system has been presented. The system properties according to the specifications have been defined. Properties described in a certain extension of the TCTL logic and verification have been carried out.