titanium alloy

Simulation and analytical studies of chip formation processes in the cutting zone of titanium alloys

The low machinability of titanium alloys is determined by the physical, mechanical, and chemical properties of these materials and their mechanical characteristics. It is also evident in the hardened state of the material being processed during cutting and in the initial state. This phenomenon is caused by thermodynamic parameters that determine the properties of titanium material at elevated temperatures. The peculiarities of the cutting and chip formation processes during titanium alloy machining are presented in this article.

Kinetics of High-Temperature Interaction of Titanium Alloys with a Carbon-Containing Gaseous Medium

Due to their excellent complex of physical, chemical, and mechanical properties, titanium alloys are unique materials for many branches of industry. An important feature of titanium is its high reactivity concerning the interstitial chemical elements (oxygen, nitrogen, and carbon). The absorption of interstitial elements by titanium alloys causes change in physical and mechanical properties of alloys and articles which are made of them. It should be noted that the titanium alloys are classified, in particular, by the compositions of their structures.