tourism documentation

Основні підходи до моніторингу та аналізу якості туристичної документації

In this article the role of tourism in conditions of consistent information society improvement has been considered. The definition of the tourism documentation concept and its classification by types are defined. The main approaches to the monitoring and analysis of the tourism documentation quality have been described. The necessity of these approaches application for the tourism products realization is emphasized and the main components of documentation quality are highlighted.

Особливості формування електронної документації у сфері туризму

The article describes the importance of electronic documentation use in tourism sphere, the need for its automation processing in order to provide rapid interaction between the travel agency and the tourism information product consumer, the principles of quality management in the formation process of tourism documentation on the basis of analysis and generalization of TQM are highlighted, the formation process of tourism documentation in the form of data flow diagram DFD is generally described.

Особливості формування інформаційного забезпечення туристичної діяльності

The article describes the peculiarities of the tourism activities information support, describes the role of tourism data consolidation as the optimal integration means of tourism data. The general scheme of tourism documentation formation based on the gaps filling is suggested.

Метод оцінювання якості туристичної документації

The article describes method of quality evaluation of tourism documentation, created on the basis of open web-resources taking into consideration demands and interests of tourism product consumer, formal model of tourism documentation structure is presented.

Consolidation of the open information resources in the tourism sphere

The article describes the role of data consolidation in the tourism sphere, the need to use existing software tools to handle tourist information is highlighted, the problem of data resources structuring and unified format creation are emphasized, and the scheme of the formation of tourism documentation is presented.