Security safety in the field of tourism: administrative and legal measurement

The article is devoted to the study of administrative and legal security in the field of
tourism, which at the end of the ХХ century, the beginning of the ХІХ century has become
important for the individual, society and the state, since tourist trips are primarily related to
the implementation of human rights to recreation and leisure, freedom of movement, the right
to access cultural property, as well as other universally recognized human and civil rights and
freedoms. Instead, tourism performs important cultural, environmental, economic, social,

Touristic attractiveness of Lviv temples

The scientific article is devoted to the analysis of touristic attractiveness to Lviv’s temples. It attempts to characterize a number of aspects that are important for the promotion of Lviv church architecture in the context of tourist attraction. Emphasized, that sacral buildings are not only a decoration of the city of Lion, but also a vivid illustration of the historical past.

Geoinformation Technologies for Various Groups of Tourists Travel Support

In this paper an analysis of researches and development in information technologies for planning trips and in-travel support for various groups of tourists was provided. It allowed forming the classification of GIS and applications based on these different problems and needs of different groups of tourists. The necessitate for development of geographic information technology tools was proved to provide personalization, optimization and support for tourist in all phases of his travel using mobile technologies of combined with GIS functionality.

Tourism as a system

Understanding tourism as a systemic phenomenon is connected with the necessity of structuring the totality of its economic elements and relationships among them to solve basic problems that exist in the tourism sector today. A systematic approach is key to the effective management of tourism at all levels. 
In the work highlighted two main objectives: to explore the most famous in the world practice of economic system model of tourism; to develop its own model of economic information systems