Mathematical modeling of Leptospirosis spread in Malaysia

Leptospirosis is a zoonotic disease that is caused by the pathogen Leptospira, and it can spread indirectly or directly from infected animals to humans.  According to the official statistics from the Malaysian Ministry of Health, leptospirosis outbreaks appeared to be in the most critical condition in the recent few years.  The Susceptible--Infected--Recovered compartmental model and its extensions have been applied widely in disease modeling.  This paper aims to present a compartmental model for leptospirosis spread in Malaysia.  Using this approach, an epidemiological model is formulated

Oscillation processes in a transmission with a dual-mass flywheel while moving a car from rest

Problem statement. A wide range of modern engines, gearboxes, and mass-dimension characteristics of a car requires the development of efficient algorithms and methods of designing dual mass flywheels (DMFs) for the given transmission parameters. Improper selection of the design parameters of the DMF can lead to a deterioration of its properties and, consequently, to the increase of vibrations, reduction of the lifetime of the gearboxes, etc.

Justification of Efficiency of Elliptical Gear Train in Device for Speed Changes Management

The article analyses the functioning of epicyclical gear train with closed circuit hydrosystem, where the driving element is the sun gear and driven one is the carrier or vice versa. Control element is the ring gear, which rotates or can be stopped by the closed circuit hydrosystem.
We have conducted a theoretical research of efficiency in such epicyclical gear train. Using the means of computer modelling, we have obtained graphical dependences of the transmission efficiency from its parameters.

Розрахунок затискних механізмів технологічних пристроїв односторонньої та двосторонньої дії з плунжерами

The design technique of technological machine-tool devices of one-sided and bilateral action is considered with piston. Dependences over are brought for determination of transmission relations of clamping mechanisms, and also dependence for determination of force of clamp and force on an occasion. Except for it, dependences are got for determining size of clamping plane of piston depending on possible tensions of crumpling of purveyance which is set in a device, that allows to get the optimal sizes of elements of construction of device.