transmission line


For synchronous signals with fast edges traces on printed circuit boards are transmission lines, not just conductor connections. If the length of the PCB trace exceeds certain values, it is necessary to match its impedance with the signal source and/or receiver. Impedance mismatches would bring signal reflections from the source to the receiver and back through the trans- mission line. Such reflection or distortion of the signal is called "echo" or "ringing". It is shown in emissions and irregularities of the waveform, especially the rise and fall edge.

Adaptation of discrete macromodels of electric transmission lines to modern computer tools

The paper discusses the methods of creation of mathematical models of electric transmission lines. It is proposed to develop them on the basis of computer simulation data or data obtained by natural experiment using the "black box" approach in the form of state variables. The derived system of discrete equations in the form of state variables equivalent to the system of ordinary differential equations has been adapted to the MATLAB / Simulink software environment by creating the mathematical model using S-Function Block.