transport modeling

Studying the effectiveness of project solutions using the transport modeling

One of the factors that lead to an increase in congestion on the road network is the growth of motorization levels in the city. Under such conditions, the number of private vehicles on city streets is increasing as delays at intersections and queues. As a result, the passage of the intersection is delayed, as drivers are forced to wait longer for their turn. When reconstructing a street or road, it is proposed to change the traffic management, the number of lanes and the configuration of some intersections to solve the problems described above.

Application of bayesian networks to estimate the probability of a transfer at a public transport stop

Optimizing transfers during public transport operations is one of the essential components of improving the quality of transport. Several factors influence the passenger's perception of a transfer: from the personal characteristics of the user of transport services to the parameters of the route network, trip characteristics and the design of transfer stops.