tribological properties

Polymeric Composite Materials of Tribotechnical Purpose with a High Level of Physical, Mechanical and Thermal Properties

Polymeric composites (PC) of tribological applications with a high level of physical, mechanical and thermal properties based on aromatic polyamide and silica gel have been developed. Regularities have been obtained that describe the effect of the filler content in PC on the friction coefficient, temperature on the friction surface and the intensity of linear wear rate of the studied PC-steel friction pair. It was found that the optimal silica gel content in the polymer matrix is 10 wt %.

The Features of Rheological and Tribological Behavior of High-Viscosity Polyolefine Compositions Depending on Their Content

The influence of additive nature as well as its ratio on the rheological, tribological and technological properties of blends based on ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene has been determined. The energy costs impact in the polymer blends processing has been studied. It is shown that the rheological and tribological properties of the samples have a complicated dependence, which is determined by inhomogeneity of the system.

Antifrictional Polymer Composites Based on Aromatic Polyamide and Carbon Black

Antifrictional polymer composites (PC) based on aromatic polyamide and carbon black were developed. Tribological and physico-mechanical properties of these materials were studied. Influence of concentration and brand of fillers on tribological properties of developed PC was established.