vegetable oil


Methods of using waste in the processing of vegetable and fusel oils - a solution of glycerin, amyl and isoamyl alcohols in order to obtain ethers based on them, and thus ensure their integrated processing and creating waste-free technology of these processes are proposed. The method of utilization of glycerin solution, which is a waste in the process of hydrolysis of vegetable oil, by its esterification with acetic acid to obtain a valuable ester - triacetin, which is widely used in many sectors of the economy is proposed.

Sustainable Adsorption Removal of Nickel and Chromium on Eco-Friendly Industrial Waste: Equilibrium Study

Adsorption of nickel and chromium was investigated using fuller’s earth. The experimental data were analyzed using five 2-parameter adsorption models and three 3-parameter models. The maximum adsorption capacities for nickel and chromium were 769 and 556 mg/g, respectively. The Langmuir isotherm model was found to have the best fitting indicating monolayer adsorption. The adsorption was found to have an exothermic nature.