Determination of parameters of vibro-impact machines taking into account their main characteristics

Aim. The purpose is to form a generalized performance indicator and analysis of resonant vibration machines, taking into account their main energy, dynamic and technological characteristics. Method. Three basic parameters the ratio of the maximum acceleration of the working mass to the power consumption, the coefficient of asymmetry of acceleration and the width of the resonance zone were used to evaluate the efficiency of vibration systems. These indicators are reduced to a dimensionless form in the next step.

Comparative analysis of the resonant vibro-impact two and three-mass structure systems with linear friction

The optimization model based on the criteria of energy efficiency of vibration systems is considered. This criterion is presented as the ratio of maximum of the working mass acceleration to consumption power of system. Optimization task is added of constraints that determine the technological aspects of vibrational resonant type - the width of the resonance zone, coefficient asymmetry of acceleration, maximum acceleration of the working mass. Searching of stiffness of asymmetric piecewise linear elastic properties at the basic of synthesis is entrusted.