water bodies

Bioindication and biotesting methods application for water quality assessment

In this article the environmental monitoring of the natural water bodies based on qualitative and quantitative analysis of bioindicative organisms were conducted. Approbation of the sampling methods, techniques and laboratory analysis of biological objects from natural ecosystems were carried out. The next biological objects have been analyzed: periphyton from rocky and stony coasts, algae and meiofaunal organisms (Nematoda, Harpacticoida, Cladocera, Rotifera), and macrobenthos freshwater river-living organisms. Main influences and distribution dependences were found.

Environmental safety of water bodies and coastal areas using the method of water environment bioindication by means of macrophytes

The purpose of this work is to improve the ecological state of water bodies and coastal area of the “Enerhoharant” LLC company by implementing a series of environmental measures based on research of their ecosystems and environmental-economic assessment that will enable largely to solve the problem of optimal use of natural resources for the recreational purposes.