welded joint

Optimization of technology of sealing of the output capillary pillar of the ionization chamber

Goal. Investigation of the conditions of formation of operational tightness of the end of the output capillary - the rod of the ionization chamber with simultaneous provision of the temperature regime in the process of formation of the welded joint.

Method for calculating the operating life of a steam pipe with a creep-fatigue crack near a weld joint

A method for determining the period of sub-critical growth of a semielliptical creep-fatigue crack in the internal surface of a pipe wall of the steam pipeline is proposed. The crack is located near the ring weld in the field of residual stresses in the heat-affected zone. The dependence of the residual resource of the pipe of a steam pipeline with the weld joint on the location of the centre of the crack relative to the axis of the weld is ascertained.