Optimization of technology of sealing of the output capillary pillar of the ionization chamber

: 76-85
Lviv Polytechnic National University

Goal. Investigation of the conditions of formation of operational tightness of the end of the output capillary - the rod of the ionization chamber with simultaneous provision of the temperature regime in the process of formation of the welded joint. Method. The reasons of defect (loss of tightness) of the end face of a capillary from brass L63 executed by standard technologies of cold welding were analyzed; the optimal technology of pulsed argon-arc fusion welding was investigated using the procedure of simplex-planning of the experiment and evaluation of the current temperature state of the stem body in the process of forming the welded joint. Results. The optimal setting parameters of pulse - periodic arc welding with remelting and oriented crystallization of the bath metal volume at small sizes of the thermal impact zone and the absence of unacceptable residual deformations are determined. Scientific novelty. The temperature state of the capillary in the welding process is correctly described by the thermal model, typical for butt fusion butt welding, taking into account the action of a negative heat source from the technological arrangement. Practical significance. The method of welded sealing of the end of the rod - capillary pulse - periodic melting while maintaining an acceptable temperature in the area of ​​its attachment to the camera body provide the specified operational requirements for the product.

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